Restaurants appeared in the XIII century during the Song Dynasty in Hangzhou, cultural, political and economic center of China. Perhaps restaurants have arisen from teahouses and taverns, which tried to cater to travelers.

Only in the XVIII century the restaurants appeared, which main purpose was to prepare and serve meals that were ordered by visitors. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest of today's restaurants is the Sobrino de Botin in Madrid (Spain). It opened in 1725.

In the United States there are 215,000 full-service restaurants
 and 250,000 fast food restaurants.
Our Special Menus

Meat Pie



1 1/2 pounds ground pork
1 large baking potato
1 large onion, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1 dash ground allspice
1/2 cup water
1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch double crust deep dish pie
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon paprika

1. Bake the potato until done, 30 - 45 minutes in a preheated 400 degrees F (205 degrees C) oven. Peel and mash the potato.
2. Place the potato, ground pork, onion, spices and water in a large frying pan and simmer until very thick, for about one hour.
3. Meanwhile, prepare your pastry.
4. Line a deep-dish pie plate with pastry. Spoon in filling, spreading evenly. Cover with top crust.
5. Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with paprika, if desired. Cut steam vent. Bake for 50 minutes at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). If edges brown too fast, cover with a strip of foil. Serve warm.
Mexican Bean Salad



1 (15 ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 (15 ounce) can kidney beans, drained
1 (15 ounce) can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 (10 ounce) package frozen corn kernels
1 red onion, chopped
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons white sugar
1 tablespoon salt
1 clove crushed garlic
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 tablespoon ground cumin
1/2 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 dash hot pepper sauce
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1. In a large bowl, combine beans, bell peppers, frozen corn, and red onion.
2. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice, sugar, salt, garlic, cilantro, cumin, and black pepper. Season to taste with hot sauce and chili powder.
3. Pour olive oil dressing over vegetables; mix well. Chill thoroughly, and serve cold.


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[AL] Alexandria
[AL] Birmingham
[AL] Bluff Park
[AL] Brookley Field
[AL] Cahaba Heights
[AL] Carrollton
[AL] Center Point
[AL] Chickasaw
[AL] Cleveland
[AL] Columbia
[AL] Crestline Height
[AL] Detroit
[AL] Fairfield
[AL] Gainesville
[AL] Greensboro
[AL] Hollywood
[AL] Homewood
[AL] Hoover
[AL] Huntsville
[AL] Irondale
[AL] Jackson
[AL] Jacksonville
[AL] Lafayette
[AL] Lincoln
[AL] Madison
[AL] Maxwell A F B
[AL] Midfield
[AL] Mobile
[AL] Montgomery
[AL] Mountain Brook
[AL] Prichard
[AL] Riverside
[AL] Rockford
[AL] Salem
[AL] Scottsdale
[AL] Stockton
[AL] Vestavia Hills
[AK] Anchorage
[AK] Houston
[AZ] Casas Adobes
[AZ] Chandler
[AZ] Glendale
[AZ] Luke Afb
[AZ] Mesa
[AZ] Miami
[AZ] New River Stage
[AZ] Oro Valley
[AZ] Peoria
[AZ] Phoenix
[AZ] Scottsdale
[AZ] Sun Lakes
[AZ] Tempe
[AZ] Tucson
[AR] Austin
[AR] Byron
[AR] Charleston
[AR] Charlotte
[AR] Clarksville
[AR] El Paso
[AR] Evansville
[AR] Fayetteville
[AR] Gravel Ridge
[AR] Hampton
[AR] Henderson
[AR] Houston
[AR] Huntsville
[AR] Knoxville
[AR] Lincoln
[AR] Little Rock
[AR] Norman
[AR] Oakland
[AR] Omaha
[AR] Portland
[AR] Warren
[CA] Agua Dulce
[CA] Alta Loma
[CA] American Canyon
[CA] Anaheim
[CA] Antioch
[CA] Bakersfield
[CA] Beaumont
[CA] Berkeley
[CA] Brownsville
[CA] Burbank
[CA] Calwa
[CA] Carson
[CA] Chula Vista
[CA] City Of Commerce
[CA] Cole
[CA] College Heights
[CA] Colma
[CA] Columbia
[CA] Concord
[CA] Corona
[CA] Costa Mesa
[CA] Cowan Heights
[CA] Daly City
[CA] Downey
[CA] Durham
[CA] East Los Angeles
[CA] Easton
[CA] El Monte
[CA] Elk Grove
[CA] Escondido
[CA] Etiwanda
[CA] Fairfield
[CA] Fig Garden Villa
[CA] Fontana
[CA] Fremont
[CA] Fresno
[CA] Fullerton
[CA] Garden Grove
[CA] Glendale
[CA] Greenacres
[CA] Hayward
[CA] Hazard
[CA] Hi Vista
[CA] Huntington Beach
[CA] Independence
[CA] Inglewood
[CA] Irvine
[CA] Jackson
[CA] Kensington
[CA] Lafayette
[CA] Lake Los Angeles
[CA] Lakewood
[CA] Lancaster
[CA] Lennox
[CA] Leona Valley
[CA] Lincoln
[CA] Long Beach
[CA] Los Angeles
[CA] Madison
[CA] Modesto
[CA] Moreno Valley
[CA] Muscoy
[CA] Norwalk
[CA] Oakland
[CA] Oceanside
[CA] Ontario
[CA] Orange
[CA] Oxnard
[CA] Palmdale
[CA] Pasadena
[CA] Phillips Ranch
[CA] Piedmont
[CA] Pinedale
[CA] Pomona
[CA] Prunedale
[CA] Quartz Hill
[CA] Rancho Cucamonga
[CA] Richmond
[CA] Riverside
[CA] Roseville
[CA] Rubidoux
[CA] Sacramento
[CA] Salinas
[CA] San Bernardino
[CA] San Diego
[CA] San Francisco
[CA] San Jose
[CA] Santa Ana
[CA] Santa Ana Height
[CA] Santa Clara
[CA] Santa Clarita
[CA] Santa Rosa
[CA] Santa Susana
[CA] Signal Hill
[CA] Simi Valley
[CA] Stockton
[CA] Sunnyvale
[CA] Thousand Oaks
[CA] Torrance
[CA] Vallejo
[CA] Vernon
[CA] Visalia
[CA] West Covina
[CA] Westlake Village
[CA] Westminster
[CO] Akron
[CO] Arvada
[CO] Aurora
[CO] Austin
[CO] Cheyenne Mtn Afb
[CO] Colorado Springs
[CO] Denver
[CO] Erie
[CO] Fort Carson
[CO] Fort Collins
[CO] Glendale
[CO] Henderson
[CO] Lafayette
[CO] Mountain View
[CO] Olathe
[CO] Pueblo
[CO] Pueblo West
[CO] Springfield
[CO] Westminster
[CT] Columbia
[CT] Fairfield
[CT] Madison
[CT] Norfolk
[CT] Norwalk
[CT] Orange
[CT] Portland
[CT] Riverside
[CT] Salem
[DE] Lincoln
[FL] Azalea Park
[FL] Baldwin
[FL] Cape Coral
[FL] Cape Coral Centr
[FL] Carrollwood
[FL] City Of Sunrise
[FL] Clearwater
[FL] Coral Gables
[FL] Coral Springs
[FL] Davie
[FL] Fairvilla
[FL] Fort Lauderdale
[FL] Gainesville
[FL] Hialeah
[FL] Hollywood
[FL] Jacksonville
[FL] Jacksonville N A
[FL] Kendall
[FL] Lake Buena Vista
[FL] Lighthouse Point
[FL] Lockhart
[FL] Madison
[FL] Margate
[FL] Miami
[FL] Miami Shores
[FL] Miami Springs
[FL] Miramar
[Fl] North Coral Spri
[FL] North Miami
[FL] North Miami Beac
[FL] Oakland Park
[FL] Ojus
[FL] Olympia Heights
[FL] Orlando
[FL] Orlo Vista
[FL] Pembroke Pines
[FL] Perrine
[FL] Pine Castle
[FL] Pine Hills
[FL] Plantation
[FL] Pompano Beach
[FL] Quail Heights
[FL] San Antonio
[FL] Sand Lake
[FL] South Miami
[FL] Sunrise
[FL] Tallahassee
[FL] Tamarac
[FL] Tampa
[FL] Union Park
[FL] Ventura
[GA] Allentown
[GA] Arlington
[GA] Atlanta
[GA] Carrollton
[GA] Cleveland
[GA] College Park
[GA] Columbus
[GA] Concord
[GA] Dallas
[GA] Denton
[GA] East Point
[GA] Fayetteville
[GA] Gainesville
[GA] Garden City
[GA] Greensboro
[GA] Hampton
[GA] Hapeville
[GA] Jackson
[GA] M M
[GA] Madison
[GA] Port Wentworth
[GA] Sandy Springs
[GA] Savannah
[GA] State College
[GA] Stillwell
[GA] Waco
[GA] Woolsey
[ID] Bellevue
[ID] Fairfield
[ID] Warren
[IL] Allen
[IL] Andrew
[IL] Antioch
[IL] Arcadia
[IL] Arlington
[IL] Atlanta
[IL] Aurora
[IL] Bartonville
[IL] Bedford Park
[IL] Berry
[IL] Buffalo Hart
[IL] Burbank
[IL] Burnham
[IL] Calumet Park
[IL] Carrollton
[IL] Cary
[IL] Charleston
[IL] Chicago
[IL] Columbia
[IL] El Paso
[IL] Erie
[IL] Evansville
[IL] Fairfield
[IL] Grandview
[IL] Hampton
[IL] Harwood Heights
[IL] Hillside
[IL] Irving
[IL] Jerome
[IL] Joliet
[IL] Knoxville
[IL] Lansing
[IL] Lincoln
[IL] Lincolnwood
[IL] Madison
[IL] Merrionette Park
[IL] Modesto
[IL] Montgomery
[IL] Naperville
[IL] Norridge
[IL] North Riverside
[IL] Oakland
[IL] Peoria
[IL] Peoria Heights
[IL] Plano
[IL] Pomona
[IL] Richmond
[IL] Rockdale
[IL] Rockford
[IL] Roseville
[IL] Salem
[IL] Shorewood
[IL] Southern View
[IL] Springfield
[IL] Stockton
[IL] Toledo
[IL] Topeka
[IL] Warren
[IN] Acton
[IN] Akron
[IN] Alexandria
[IN] Atlanta
[IN] Aurora
[IN] Austin
[IN] Bridgeport
[IN] Buffalo
[IN] Castleton
[IN] Chandler
[IN] Chili
[IN] Clarksville
[IN] Clermont
[IN] Columbus
[IN] Cumberland
[IN] Dayton
[IN] Eagle Creek
[IN] Evansville
[IN] Fort Benjamin Ha
[IN] Fort Wayne
[IN] Fremont
[IN] Indianapolis
[IN] Lafayette
[IN] Lawrence
[IN] Madison
[IN] Memphis
[IN] Montgomery
[IN] New Augusta
[IN] Nora
[IN] Norman
[IN] Oaklandon
[IN] Park Fletcher
[IN] Portland
[IN] Richmond
[IN] Rochester
[IN] Salem
[IN] South Bend
[IN] Southport
[IN] Speedway
[IN] Syracuse
[IN] Topeka
[IN] Wanamaker
[IN] Warren
[IA] Akron
[IA] Arlington
[IA] Aurora
[IA] Bellevue
[IA] Birmingham
[IA] Buffalo
[IA] Cedar Rapids
[IA] Charlotte
[IA] Cincinnati
[IA] Clarksville
[IA] Dayton
[IA] Denver
[IA] Des Moines
[IA] Fairfield
[IA] Fremont
[IA] Garden Grove
[IA] Hampton
[IA] Henderson
[IA] Independence
[IA] Knoxville
[IA] Lansing
[IA] Little Rock
[IA] Norwalk
[IA] Oakland
[IA] Plano
[IA] Pleasant Hill
[IA] Portsmouth
[IA] Riverside
[IA] Rockford
[IA] Salem
[IA] Thornton
[IA] Toledo
[IA] Windsor Heights
[KS] Abilene
[KS] Arlington
[KS] Atlanta
[KS] Aurora
[KS] Beaumont
[KS] Bel Aire
[KS] Buffalo
[KS] Clearwater
[KS] Denton
[KS] Durham
[KS] Eastborough
[KS] Erie
[KS] Hallowell
[KS] Huron
[KS] Independence
[KS] Kansas City
[KS] Lake Quivira
[KS] Lansing
[KS] Lenexa
[KS] Madison
[KS] Minneapolis
[KS] Olathe
[KS] Overland Park
[KS] Park City
[KS] Pauline
[KS] Pomona
[KS] Richmond
[KS] Rosedale
[KS] Shawnee Mission
[KS] Stanley
[KS] Stockton
[KS] Syracuse
[KS] Tampa
[KS] Topeka
[KS] Westfall
[KS] Wichita
[KY] Alexandria
[KY] Arlington
[KY] Bellevue
[KY] Buffalo
[KY] Canoe
[KY] Carrollton
[KY] Columbus
[KY] Dayton
[KY] Glendale
[KY] Henderson
[KY] Independence
[KY] Jinks
[KY] Lancaster
[KY] Maud
[KY] Montpelier
[KY] Reedyville
[KY] Richmond
[KY] Sacramento
[KY] Salem
[LA] Alexandria
[LA] Baton Rouge
[LA] Caspiana
[LA] Dixie
[LA] Forbing
[LA] Greenwood
[LA] Hebert
[LA] Independence
[LA] Lafayette
[LA] New Orleans
[LA] Scotlandville
[LA] Shreveport
[LA] Springfield
[LA] The Bluffs
[ME] Benton Station
[ME] Cushing Island
[ME] Detroit
[ME] Lincoln
[ME] Madison
[ME] Oakland
[ME] Portland
[ME] Richmond
[ME] Seattle
[ME] Springfield
[ME] Warren
[MD] Baltimore
[MD] Carrollton
[MD] Clarksville
[MD] Columbia
[MD] Dayton
[MD] Deer Park
[MD] Denton
[MD] Greensboro
[MD] Hollywood
[MD] Jacksonville
[MD] Knoxville
[MD] Madison
[MD] Riviera Beach
[MD] Stockton
[MD] Uniontown
[MA] Arlington
[MA] Concord
[MA] Glendale
[MA] Lancaster
[MA] Lincoln
[MA] New Salem
[MA] Norfolk
[MA] Rochester
[MA] Salem
[MA] Springfield
[MA] Warren
[MA] Westminster
[MI] Akron
[MI] Ann Arbor
[MI] Atlanta
[MI] Bellevue
[MI] Birmingham
[MI] Charlotte
[MI] Clarksville
[MI] Columbus
[MI] Concord
[MI] Detroit
[MI] Erie
[MI] Flint
[MI] Fremont
[MI] Grand Rapids
[MI] Jackson
[MI] Kentwood
[MI] Lansing
[MI] Lincoln
[MI] Northeast
[MI] Northwest
[MI] Portland
[MI] Richmond
[MI] Riley
[MI] Rochester Hills
[MI] Rockford
[MI] Roseville
[MI] Sterling Heights
[MI] Walker
[MI] Warren
[MN] Alexandria
[MN] Arlington
[MN] Aurora
[MN] Austin
[MN] Bloomington
[MN] Brooklyn Center
[MN] Brooklyn Park
[MN] Brownsville
[MN] Buffalo
[MN] Chandler
[MN] Clearwater
[MN] Cleveland
[MN] Crystal
[MN] Dayton
[MN] Edina
[MN] Evansville
[MN] Golden Valley
[MN] Hampton
[MN] Hayward
[MN] Henderson
[MN] Houston
[MN] Jackson
[MN] La Prairie
[MN] Madison
[MN] Minneapolis
[MN] Montgomery
[MN] Orleans
[MN] Plymouth
[MN] Radium
[MN] Richfield
[MN] Richmond
[MN] Robbinsdale
[MN] Rochester
[MN] Rockford
[MN] Saint Louis Park
[MN] Springfield
[MS] Beaumont
[MS] Carrollton
[MS] Cary
[MS] Charleston
[MS] Cleveland
[MS] Columbia
[MS] Columbus
[MS] Houston
[MS] Jackson
[MS] Long Beach
[MS] Madison
[MS] Oakland
[MS] Philadelphia
[MS] Raleigh
[MO] Alexandria
[MO] Atlanta
[MO] Bakersfield
[MO] Buffalo
[MO] Carrollton
[MO] Charleston
[MO] Clarksville
[MO] Cleveland
[MO] Columbia
[MO] Durham
[MO] Eugene
[MO] Gainesville
[MO] Houston
[MO] Huntsville
[MO] Independence
[MO] Jackson
[MO] Jenkins
[MO] Kansas City
[MO] Lancaster
[MO] Lincoln
[MO] Madison
[MO] Memphis
[MO] Pomona
[MO] Portland
[MO] Raytown
[MO] Richmond
[MO] Salem
[MO] Savannah
[MO] Spokane
[MO] Springfield
[MO] Stockton
[MO] Sugar Creek
[MO] Syracuse
[MT] Columbus
[MT] Denton
[MT] Fairfield
[MT] Jackson
[MT] Lincoln
[MT] Silesia
[NE] Arlington
[NE] Aurora
[NE] Bellevue
[NE] Clearwater
[NE] Denton
[NE] Fairfield
[NE] Fremont
[NE] Fullerton
[NE] Garland
[NE] Hampton
[NE] Henderson
[NE] Lincoln
[NE] Madison
[NE] Millard
[NE] Norfolk
[NE] Oakland
[NE] Omaha
[NE] Ralston
[NE] Richland
[NE] Salem
[NE] Springfield
[NE] Syracuse
[NE] Waco
[NV] Austin
[NV] Dayton
[NV] Henderson
[NV] Las Vegas
[NV] Mesquite
[NV] North Las Vegas
[NV] Reno
[OH] Akron
[OH] Alexandria
[OH] Anderson
[OH] Arlington
[OH] Baltimore
[OH] Beavercreek
[OH] Bellevue
[OH] Bexley
[OH] Birmingham
[OH] Brooklyn
[OH] Buffalo
[OH] Burbank
[OH] Carrollton
[OH] Centerville
[OH] Chesapeake
[OH] Cincinnati
[OH] Clarksville
[OH] Cleveland
[OH] Cleveland Height
[OH] College Hill
[OH] Columbus
[OH] Copley
[OH] Dayton
[OH] East Cleveland
[OH] Edgewater
[OH] Elmwood Place
[OH] Fairfield
[OH] Fairlawn
[OH] Fairview Park
[OH] Fayetteville
[OH] Fremont
[OH] Gahanna
[OH] Garfield Heights
[OH] Glendale
[OH] Grand Rapids
[OH] Greenhills
[OH] Groesbeck
[OH] Houston
[OH] Huber Heights
[OH] Huntsville
[OH] Independence
[OH] Jackson
[OH] Jacksonville
[OH] Kettering
[OH] Lafayette
[OH] Lancaster
[OH] Lincoln Village
[OH] Lockland
[OH] Lyndhurst Mayfie
[OH] Madeira
[OH] Madison
[OH] Madisonville
[OH] Midpark
[OH] New Boston
[OH] Newtown
[OH] Norwalk
[OH] Norwood
[OH] Ontario
[OH] Oregon
[OH] Parkdale
[OH] Parma
[OH] Reminderville
[OH] Richmond Heights
[OH] Rockford
[OH] Roseville
[OH] Saint Bernard
[OH] Salem
[OH] Savannah
[OH] Saylor Park
[OH] Sharonville
[OH] Shepard
[OH] South Euclid
[OH] Springfield
[OH] Sycamore
[OH] Syracuse
[OH] Taft
[OH] Toledo
[OH] Trotwood
[OH] Upper Arlington
[OH] Warren
[OH] West Carrollton
[OH] West Worthington
[OH] Western Hills
[OH] Westwood
[OH] Whitehall
[OH] Worthington
[OK] Boise City
[OK] Chandler
[OK] Chattanooga
[OK] Cleveland
[OK] Del City
[OK] Miami
[OK] Midwest City
[OK] Nichols Hills
[OK] Norman
[OK] Oklahoma City
[OK] Orlando
[OK] Selman
[OK] Tinker Afb
[OK] Tulsa
[OK] Warr Acres
[OR] Applegate
[OR] Arlington
[OR] Aurora
[OR] Brooks
[OR] Brownsville
[OR] Coburg
[OR] Dallas
[OR] Dayton
[OR] Detroit
[OR] Eugene
[OR] Glendale
[OR] Independence
[OR] Keizer
[OR] Lafayette
[OR] Oakland
[OR] Oceanside
[OR] Ontario
[OR] Phoenix
[OR] Portland
[OR] Rockwood Corners
[OR] Salem
[OR] Springfield
[OR] Toledo
[OR] Warren
[PA] Akron
[PA] Allegheny
[PA] Allentown
[PA] Arsenal
[PA] Aspinwall
[PA] Austin
[PA] Barree
[PA] Bellevue
[PA] Blawnox
[PA] Bloomfield
[PA] Brentwood
[PA] Brookline
[PA] Carson
[PA] Caste Village
[PA] Castle Shannon
[PA] Cedarhurst
[PA] Clarksville
[PA] College Miserico
[PA] Columbia
[PA] Columbus
[PA] Corliss
[PA] Crafton
[PA] Dayton
[PA] Denver
[PA] Downtown
[PA] East Liberty
[PA] Erie
[PA] Etna
[PA] Fayetteville
[PA] Greensboro
[PA] Greenstone
[PA] Hazelwood
[PA] Homewood
[PA] Houston
[PA] Jackson
[PA] Kilbuck
[PA] Knoxville
[PA] Lakewood
[PA] Lancaster
[PA] Mc Knight
[PA] Millvale
[PA] Montgomery
[PA] Mount Lebanon
[PA] Mount Oliver
[PA] Mount Washington
[PA] Neffsville
[PA] Neville Island
[PA] North Warren
[PA] Oakland
[PA] Observatory
[PA] Parkway Center
[PA] Penn Hills
[PA] Philadelphia
[PA] Pittsburgh
[PA] Plum
[PA] Portland
[PA] Presque Isle
[PA] Reno
[PA] Rochester
[PA] Rohrerstown
[PA] Shadyside
[PA] South Hills
[PA] Springfield
[PA] Squirrel Hill
[PA] Swissvale
[PA] Thornton
[PA] Upper Saint Clai
[PA] Uptown
[PA] Wescosville
[PA] Wesleyville
[PA] West Brownsville
[PA] West View
[PA] Wilkinsburg
[TN] Alexandria
[TN] Antioch
[TN] Arlington
[TN] Bartlett
[TN] Brownsville
[TN] Charleston
[TN] Charlotte
[TN] Chattanooga
[TN] Clarksville
[TN] Cleveland
[TN] Columbia
[TN] Concord
[TN] Concord Farragut
[TN] Dayton
[TN] East Ridge
[TN] Fayetteville
[TN] Hampton
[TN] Henderson
[TN] Hickory Hill
[TN] Huntsville
[TN] Jackson
[TN] Karns
[TN] Kimberlin Height
[TN] Knoxville
[TN] Lafayette
[TN] Madison
[TN] Memphis
[TN] Oakland
[TN] Philadelphia
[TN] Portland
[TN] Red Bank
[TN] Rockford
[TN] Savannah
[TN] Springfield
[TX] Abilene
[TX] Alamo Heights
[TX] Amarillo
[TX] Arlington
[TX] Atlanta
[TX] Austin
[TX] Balch Springs
[TX] Balcones Heights
[TX] Beaumont
[TX] Bellmead
[TX] Benbrook
[TX] Beverly Hills
[TX] Brownsville
[TX] Carrollton
[TX] Castle Hills
[TX] Chandler
[TX] Charlotte
[TX] Clarksville
[TX] Cleveland
[TX] Clodine
[TX] Cockrell Hill
[TX] Columbus
[TX] Corpus Christi
[TX] Creedmoor
[TX] Dallas
[TX] Dayton
[TX] Denton
[TX] Detroit
[TX] El Paso
[TX] Everman
[TX] Fairfield
[TX] Farmers Branch
[TX] Fayetteville
[TX] Flint
[TX] Fort Bliss
[TX] Fort Hood
[TX] Fort Sam Houston
[TX] Fort Worth
[TX] Freestone
[TX] Fresno
[TX] Garland
[TX] Grand Prairie
[TX] Harker Heights
[TX] Henderson
[TX] Hollywood Park
[TX] Horizon City
[TX] Houston
[TX] Huntsville
[TX] Irving
[TX] Jacinto City
[TX] Jacksonville
[TX] Jersey Village
[TX] Killeen
[TX] Kirby
[TX] Lake Kiowa
[TX] Lakeway
[TX] Lancaster
[TX] Laredo
[TX] Leon Valley
[TX] Live Oak
[TX] Lubbock
[TX] Mcallen
[TX] Memphis
[TX] Mesquite
[TX] Miami
[TX] Montgomery
[TX] Murphy
[TX] North Richland H
[TX] Olmos Park
[TX] Omaha
[TX] Orange
[TX] Pasadena
[TX] Plano
[TX] Portland
[TX] Richmond
[TX] Rio Bravo
[TX] River Oaks
[TX] Riverside
[TX] Rochester
[TX] Saginaw
[TX] San Antonio
[TX] San Diego
[TX] Santa Rosa
[TX] Shavano Park
[TX] South Bend
[TX] Thornton
[TX] V A Hospital
[TX] Village
[TX] Waco
[TX] Warren
[TX] Watauga
[TX] West Lake Hills
[TX] West Orange
[TX] Westminster
[TX] Wetmore
[TX] White Settlement
[TX] Wilford Hall U S
[TX] Windcrest
[UT] Cottonwood
[UT] Garland
[UT] Glendale
[UT] Holladay
[UT] Huntsville
[UT] Kearns
[UT] Murray
[UT] Richmond
[UT] Riverside
[UT] Salt Lake City
[UT] Santa Clara
[UT] South Salt Lake
[UT] Stockton
[UT] Syracuse
[UT] West Valley City
[UT] Woodland Hills
[VT] Arlington
[VT] Bolton Valley
[VT] Brownsville
[VT] Charlotte
[VT] Concord
[VT] Greensboro
[VT] Rochester
[VT] Springfield
[VT] Sugarbush Valley
[VT] Westminster
[VA] Alexandria
[VA] Arlington
[VA] Aylor
[VA] Blackwater Bridg
[VA] Bowers Hill
[VA] Carrollton
[VA] Chesapeake
[VA] Clarksville
[VA] Concord
[VA] Fairfield
[VA] Fentress
[VA] Fleet
[VA] Gainesville
[VA] Hampton
[VA] Independence
[VA] Lancaster
[VA] Montezuma
[VA] Montford
[VA] Naval Amphibious
[VA] Newport News
[VA] Norfolk
[VA] North Springfiel
[VA] Portsmouth
[VA] Richmond
[VA] Salem
[VA] Springfield
[VA] Virginia Beach
[VA] West Springfield
[WA] Arlington
[WA] Beaux Arts
[WA] Bellevue
[WA] Burbank
[WA] Burien
[WA] Cascade Park
[WA] Dayton
[WA] Des Moines
[WA] Fairfield
[WA] Felida
[WA] Fife
[WA] Fircrest
[WA] Fort Lewis
[WA] Hazel Dell
[WA] Lakewood Center
[WA] Lk Forest Park
[WA] Long Beach
[WA] Mesa
[WA] Normandy Park
[WA] Orchards
[WA] Parkland
[WA] Riverside
[WA] Rochester
[WA] Rockford
[WA] Seatac
[WA] Seattle
[WA] South Bend
[WA] Spokane
[WA] Tacoma
[WA] Thornton
[WA] Toledo
[WA] Tukwila
[WA] Vancouver
[WI] Allouez
[WI] Arlington
[WI] Ashwaubenon
[WI] Bay View
[WI] Cleveland
[WI] Columbus
[WI] Dallas
[WI] Evansville
[WI] Fitchburg
[WI] Fontana
[WI] Fremont
[WI] Green Bay
[WI] Greenfield
[WI] Howard
[WI] Independence
[WI] Jackson
[WI] Lakewood
[WI] Lancaster
[WI] Madison
[WI] Milwaukee
[WI] Monona
[WI] North Woods Beac
[WI] Norwalk
[WI] Ontario
[WI] Salem
[WI] Shorewood
[WI] South Byron
[WI] Wauwatosa
[WI] West Allis
[WI] West Milwaukee
[WY] Arvada
[WY] Buffalo
[WY] Colter Bay
[WY] Dayton
[WY] Evansville